Working Principle of Teeth Whitening Products

Whitening of teeth is a simulated process over the colour of your natural teeth. Today the process has become computerized. The process of applying carbamide peroxide gel or paste is recognized as tooth whitening gel. Tooth whitening gel is used at both dental clinics and at home for self use. Gel used to whiten teeth can be used every day as it is cost effective and comfortable to use. Besides toothpaste, gel is well thought out to be the secured mode of other teeth whitening products as it does not cause any harm to teeth if used properly and in adequate amount. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the main chemicals which combines together to form a dominant bleaching agent. This bleaching agent lightens the scars inside the teeth. There are also many verities of teeth whitening gels which may contain different chemicals.

There are many companies which put up campaign for teeth check up in both cities and town to increase the awareness regarding the discolour of the teeth. They also do so when launching a new product for teeth whitening. They distribute these products as a sample to people free of cost and visit renowned dentists at the campaign for a complimentary check up and advice. Usually India is the first interest for launching such campaigns.

Since gel works rigorously inside the teeth and its efficiency can be seen within a few days. This reason has increased the sale of teeth whitening gels than any other whitening products like teeth paste or spray. Some products of teeth whitening are only meant for adults, but whitening gels can also be used by small age children. People prefer whitening gels because it does not contain any sort of contaminated chemicals like fluoride and if by slip up the gel is consumed; the risk of lethality is lined out.