Whitening Strips or Whitening Gels?

Teeth whitening strips is also known as mouth guard. These strips are usually slim and contain rusting manager. Since it can be used with out any body’s help, it is called take home lightening tool and is easily affordable. The process whitening strips take can very from person to person, but by and large is a slower process as at least half an hour is necessary. For both lower teeth and upper teeth, different strips are provided.  Before applying whitening strips, a paste of bleach must be applied and then decisively using strips for proper whitening of teeth. Normally two weeks of use is suggested and may be continued for a month depending on the condition of the teeth.

The alternative to using whitening strips is whitening tray. Whitening tray is less used as its weight is more compared to the strips. Also whitening trays are generally to be worn for a long drawn out time. It is not like that only whitening tray has some drawbacks, whitening strips has some negative aspects. The use of hydrogen peroxide which is used as a bleaching manager is not considered to be safe at home environments. But now days many manufacturers are using carbamide peroxide as a bleaching agent in both whitening strips and whitening trays. So the consumer has many options to choose according to its requirement. With the improvements made in developing quality whitening strips, the major side effect that caused irritation in gums has also overcome. Previously 10% of bleaching agents were used which is now used only 6%, thus reducing back side of whitening strips and making it more comfortable to use.

Today trays can be personalized to reduce irritation in gums but will cost you a bit more. But it is recommended to avoid using these customized trays especially during pregnancy. Instead in office whitening through experts is safe and long lasting.