Some Limitations of Teeth Whitening

While using any teeth whitening kit or product, one should keep in mind that enamel should not be damaged than only a product is considered to be safe and efficient. Always purchase good quality products and it must be recommended by dental association of countries like America, India and many more. Usually teeth whitening kit contains whitening gels, brush, sprays and toothpaste. The toothpaste contains some chemicals namely hydrogen peroxide and carbamide in very less amount. When these chemicals are applied in the presence of light they form in to oxygen molecules to break up stains so that light can pass resulting in shine teeth.

Regular use of this teeth whitening kit will show good results within a week. There are other factors which are depended on results like the brand of the gel and time applied on teeth. Applying for a long time may result in side effects also. Today many manufacturers of bleaching gels are adding flavors so that people enjoy while cleaning their teeth with gel. Bleaching gel also act as a mouth fresher as a fresh breath comes every time. Sodium hydroxide, carbomer, glycerin and sodium fluoride are the chemicals used in bleaching gels which facilitates strong, healthy and shiny teeth. Just using for less than a month and the result continue to show for at least two to three years.

Whitening teeth kit does not help in taking care of gums and lips. But a dentist uses special defensive gel and rubber shield to safeguard. Changing of colour shades can be noticed within a day or two. Bleaching gel is inserted in plastic tray which is to be worn in the gum. If any sort of frustration or pain occurs one should immediately stop using that particular product and contact a dentist. The product may have been expired or is a duplicate one.