Preface to Whitening Strips and Gels

Face is that part of a body which is given more attention by one and all. With the increasing awareness in the people about teeth, teeth whitening techniques are increasing. Teeth whitening has became an obsession in every body from common people to celebrities. According to one’s need, whitening of teeth can be getting done. Today there are different methods available for whitening teeth and most of them are popular because of their success and demand. One can get benefits from different types of treatments, products and technique offered. There are many dentists who even guarantee white teeth or money back as they provide quality service and treatment along with the experience they have achieved.

There are many teeth whitening products under “Do it yourself” variety. Of them the mainly accepted and extensively utilized products are whitening gels and whitening strips. Peroxides are present in the strips. Peroxide is used in the strips as they are gentle lightening agent for teeth. If money is a matter, then these strips are the good options as they are cheaper than a dentist’s healing and readily available in the stores. Whitening strips are simple to bring into play and are generally placed on teeth for about half an hour.  Whitening strips are very easy to use because of their small dimension and elasticity.

It is advised to apply whitening strips twice a day, early in the morning and before going to bed. The time to use whitening strips depends on the amount of peroxide used. Hence it is recommended to check for the instructions printed on the cover of a newly purchased strip.

Contrary, teeth whitening gels are widely preferred over whitening toothpaste. Chemicals which are used in whitening toothpaste are spiteful, whereas on the other hand, peroxide used in the whitening gel is gentle and more effective for long lasting whitening teeth.