Home and Natural Treatment

Nearly about ten years ago, dentists used to whiten teeth in their clinic and according to their approach whitening of teeth was made possible. During that time laser technique was not launched. The procedure which dentists followed was very frustrating but gradually people started to fell irritated and distressed. It was due to people’s interest in need of shinning white teeth, many products were launched in the market. The thirst of getting white teeth motivated a large number of people that a new product was launched time to time keeping in mind the needs of people. The stuffs included variety of bleaching method, whitening gels, whitening toothpastes and now whitelight technique.

People still go to dentists in pursue of having white teeth and are in receipt of done in that old traditional way. But now days, with the introduction of “take home teeth whitening kit”, many patients are choosing the take home method. The kit is available at both drug store and dentist’s health center.  The kit contains all the necessary equipments which are needed to be used at home and without any body’s help. Whitening strips, whitening gels, whitening toothpastes and even tooth brush are generally provided with take home teeth whitening kit. Teeth whitening done at home needs proper care and at least half a month. Despite of spending long hours every day, the outcome possibly will not be adequate. The reason may be the harshness of tooth discolouration.

Here are some vital tips followed by many people.

  • Combination of lemon juice and salt applied on yellowish part of the teeth on regular basis after meal gives satisfactory result. This is one of the best natural remedy to get white shining teeth and without any side effects.
  • Chafing the inner part of orange skin, in the discoloured teeth, results in healthy and glittering teeth.
  • Combination of dried skin of orange and bay leaves also results in white teeth.